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Kateřina Kantová

NEW! Online sessions (skype: expat.psychology)

Each and every one of us can feel unhappy or burned out at some point. You might find it difficult to stop thinking about issues and spend endless nights tossing and turning in your bed; often questioning your actions and reactions.

Long term stress can lead to serious conditions. What can you do to feel emotionally balanced and stress free again? Take your first step and contact me for an appointment. I have a long standing interest in counseling and crisis intervention using a variety of psychological techniques and approaches. Through personalized counseling sessions I will be able to help you identify, analyze and manage your stress factors. Successful sessions result in:

  • Personal growth
  • Seeing the light at the of tunnel
  • Waking up with an optimistic mind – overcoming feelings of depression
  • Relationship stability
  • Living happily ever after – realistic view of relationships
  • Emotional awareness, recognition and control
  • Increase work satisfaction and productivity

  • Reaching your dreams
  • Objective goal setting
  • Self-worth and self-esteem issues
  • Working with motivation
  • Anticipation and recognition of burnout
  • How to place yourself in the center of your life without feeling guilty or selfish
  • Cultural related issues.