Sex Issues

Sex is often a taboo topic amongst people. It is also difficult at times to discuss sexual issues with your partner. But on the other hand relationship problems can arise from sexual difficulties, but sexual problems may also be an indication of deeper problems in the relationship. Sexual difficulties can emerge at any time, but especially in times of stress and change. Sex essentially is fun and can be one of the great rewards of being together.

For example, when sex is no longer on the agenda, or sex might be painful to one of the partners or causes disappointment, it all might be a sign of a relationship sex issue. As well as in relationship problems families pass on unspoken messages “patterns” about sex, which can cause unnecessary distress in couples. Often individuals need to explore their own sexuality away from such pressures. Cultural pressure may require a detached and analytical re-examination to allow a couple to make their own rules. Sometimes traumatic sexual experiences from childhood or past relationships can emerge in a present relationship. With trust these can be explored and resolved.

There are many causes of sex issues such as: pregnancy, stress, anxiety, loss of self-esteem, betrayal of trust etc. Therapy can help you to explore the physical communication and the understanding of what sex means to two particular people and leads to a healthy sex life.